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Geographic Reach

Western Australian Energy Market (WEM)

WA operates under the Western Australian Energy Market (WEM). Only customers based in the South West Inter-Connected System (SWIS) and using more than 50,000kWhs of electricity per annum (~$14,000/annum), are allowed to choose their electricity retailer.


The SWIS electricity infrastructure is owned and operated by Western Power the monopoly Network Operator. The network stretches from Kalbarri to Bremer Bay and Kalgoorlie Boulder.


Electrical Consultancy WA can undertake energy procurement in the SWIS, and solar procurement state-wide. Our Network Design and Power Upgrade team can assist in most parts of the state.

National Energy Market (NEM)

Electrical Consultancy WA can also assist with energy procurement in the National Energy Market (NEM), which includes all Eastern states except the Northern Territory, which has not yet deregulated electricity. 


We have established relationships, and formal energy broker agreements with the top 3 tier 1 Energy Retailers, and with several tier 2 Energy Retailers. This allows ECWA to provide a holistic energy procurement service for our WA based clients that have sites based in the Eastern states. Our solar partners are able to service our Eastern states clients.

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