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About Us

WA based Energy Brokerage & Network Design Consultancy

We have strong relationships with the Western

Australian Energy Market (WEM) Energy Retailers, as well as with Western Power the

state-owned Electricity Operator. We have no alliance or preferred retailer

relationships, and we act impartially when we present our analysis and procurement

proposal to clients.

ECWA was started by Carlo Scamuffo in 2015. Carlo is a registered electrician. He

initially undertook Network Design and Power Upgrade projects for clients and project

managed these with Western Power.

A simple question from one of his clients, "Can you help me get better electricity rates?"

inspired Carlo to assist all of his clients to achieve more competitive electricity and gas

rates and so the Energy Procurement division was born.

Meet Our Team

Carlo Scamuffo

Managing Director and Founder

Carlo is a registered electrician by trade and holds a A-grade Licence and Certificate of Electrical Installation and Electro-technology. In addition to being an electrician for over 35 years, Carlo was also a Director of Taddei Orchards for 25 years. In this role, Carlo managed the day to day running of the citrus farm and all electrical upgrades.

In early 2015 Carlo assisted several growers, with whom he has a strong affinity and relationship, with their electrical upgrades. This led to the birth of ECWA. Network Design and Power Upgrades are the bread and butter of the business and has become integral to the Energy Procurement. Today, both divisions work very closely together.


Michael Anile


Michael started his working career in 2004 designing overhead electrical infrastructure for mining companies. In 2009, Michael started working for Western Power undertaking Network Design and Power Upgrade projects for the Network Operator.


In April 2019, Michael joined ECWA and took over the day-to-day management of this division. The number of projects have grown 3-fold since and continues his strong relationships with the Network Operator (Western Power), electrical contractors, and our clients. In November 2020, Michael became a Director and part-owner of ECWA.


Etienne Quayle


Etienne joined the energy industry at the start of UK Gas (1995) and Electricity (1998) deregulation, where he worked for EDF Energy based in London, ending his tenure in 2008 as the UK Head of Industrial and Commercial Gas. Upon his arrival in Perth he joined Western Power as Major Client Account Manager for four and a half years.

Etienne joined Energy Retailer Perth Energy in 2012 for five and half years, before accepting a role at Australia’s largest energy brokerage firm, Energy Action in 2018 managing the Energy Procurement and Metrics team based in NSW. Etienne returned to Perth in July 2020, where he joined Electrical Consultancy WA as Operations Manager. In November 2020, Etienne became a Director and part-owner of ECWA.


Michelle Heerey

Senior Account Manager

Michelle has over 15+ years’ experience as a Business Development and Senior Account Manager in the finance and energy sector.


Michelle spent 6 years specialising in the energy industry, joining Energy Action in January 2015 as a Business Development Manager. Michelle was the main driving force behind the growth of gas, electricity portfolio and energy efficiency projects in WA by managing the complexities of the evolving energy market.


Michelle was with Energy Action for 6 years before accepting a position with Electrical Consultancy WA in February 2021 as a Senior Account Manager.

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